School uniform

School uniform consists of an embroidered royal blue sweatshirt and an embroidered yellow polo shirt, both of which are available from My Clothing. Pupils are encouraged to wear plain grey or black school trousers, skirts or track suit bottoms which can be purchased from a variety of shops such as ASDA, Tesco, etc. During winter, a blue checked gingham dress maybe also be worn by pupils. Many of our parents/carers and children feel school uniform benefits pupils and the school, but it is not compulsory. The Local Academy Board also recognises that for financial, cultural and/or religious reasons, it may not be appropriate for all. Please note that the school occasionally has second hand uniforms that can be offered to parents/carers free of charge. 

We would appreciate parent/carer co-operation with regards to sensible footwear and appropriate clothing. During winter, it is important that the children come to school with warm clothing and that they have suitable coats. It is also important that they have a change of clothing for P.E., such as a yellow t-shirt from My Clothing and a pair of plimsolls/ trainers. The P.E. kit must be sent to school in its own bag. The pupils will also need to bring a swimming kit to school for their weekly swimming sessions.  Swimming socks and hats will be provided by the school where necessary. 

Rings and hoop/long earrings are not allowed, because of the potential for personal injury. Pupils with pierced ears may wear a stud or sleeper. All clothes and towels must be clearly labelled. 

Ordering Embroidered Uniform 
Please note we do not stock or sell school uniform at the school office. All orders must be completed directly with My Clothing. 
Orders can be placed via My Clothing and the items will automatically have the school logo embroidered onto them.

Please ensure all bags and items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name. Clothing unaccounted for will be disposed of at the end of each term