Pupil voice

‘Nothing about us without us!’

We understand that pupil voice is integral to ensuring we are moving forward with our children’s best interests in mind and that they are helping us shape best provision. Our pupils, where able, are encouraged to share their ideas, wishes and suggestions and advocate for peers also. We use a two pronged approach to harness pupil voice to ensure as much as possible of what we do, is influenced by our pupils contributions.

Manor School Council:

We have a long history of a democratically elected pupil School Council (reviewed yearly). We aim to appoint up to 8 school councillors each year and these are elected by their peers to advocate on their behalf and attend fortnightly meetings to share pupil voice.

  • Manor School Council is made up of 6-8 representatives, democratically elected by pupils of year 4, 5, and 6 to lead on initiatives and identified areas of individual interest as well as peer views
  • In recent years  these pupils have represented us in many forums including; the Quality Mark Review meetings , Challenge Partner Interviews , Borough projects to improve the Brent ‘Local Offer’, and as advocates of pupils with SEND as part of the Brent OFSTED Inspection Forum, Developing a school Eco-council and supporting pressing initiatives around recycling, air pollution and climate change awareness.
  • Our School Council met fortnightly either as a whole group, with peer Ambassadors, or as part of different working parties according to agendas and appointments.

Manor Ambassadors:

we identify individual pupils who may need additional mentoring into roles of responsibility, in order to access additional opportunities to experience success and achievement through our Ambassador programme. This year we identified 10 Ambassadors who benefited from the programme and led on a range of issues including; Conflict resolution, Environmental issues, local community projects, developing hobbies skills and interests and supporting peers to be happy healthy and heard!

Ambassadors included:

  • Playground and Friendship Ambassadors (support solution focused resolution to conflicts, look out for younger more vulnerable peers)
  • Eco Ambassadors (leading on environmental and science based projects)
  • Community Ambassadors (advocating for peers, exploring services and engaging with community based projects and learning)
  • Health Ambassadors (specialising in keeping our bodies and minds safe and healthy and assisting the welfare team with jobs such as sunscreen management, exercise programs etc)
  • Sunshine Ambassadors (yr4 Ambassadors in training- this year including boys club, girls club and playground helpers for the younger children)
  • Brent Heritage Ambassadors who work closely with the Jason Roberts Foundation as part of the ‘Inspire to Achieve’ Project .

Our July 2019 Pupil Survey and Report can be downloaded below: