Life Skills

Our life skills lessons give our pupil's the opportunity to think independently and to learn how to look after themselves, so as to prepare them for adult life.

Lessons include a focus on skills such as cleaning, personal care, cooking and gardening. Personal care involves the washing of clothes; how to use a washing machine and dry clothes effectively and economically. In our school rainbow garden, the children grow their own fruit and vegetables, using them to cook meals, showing them a sustainable and cost efficient way to produce food. We grow a range of fruit and vegetables, including corn, lettuce, pumpkins, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, and even avocados!

Manor Eats

Last year, we launched Manor Eats, a food delivery service for staff run by pupils. Students apply for roles within the team including Chef, Manager, Receptionist and website and delivery staff. Children interview for the roles in front of a panel and are provided with a uniform, giving them the experience of a real workplace. 

Children run the process of ordering food, budgeting, picking from the garden, building a menu, setting prices, delivering food to staff and taking payment. Money made from the business is used at the end of each term to fund a Manor Eats staff outing. 

Manor Cafe

Manor Cafe is open every Friday afternoon, run but our Manor Eats staff, and visited by classes across the school. Our staff provide service to customers like that at a normal restaurant, delivery food to them at their table.